Tommy California


Stop Homelessness today!!!!

 Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I am a high school student in California. I am writing to you about the homelessness in America.  I can't help but notice  homelessness wherever i go. I recommend that you listen to my problem and reasoning because 15 percent of the population in America are homeless.

Through my experiences in different places I notice the place that had the most homeless people was Santa Monica pier. I see them sleeping on the sides and some are trying to make money by playing some music or by telling jokes. You can see them wearing dirty clothes and its just awful seeing no one helping them. There i see them sleeping on the grass and along the benches.

Mr/Mrs President you can help by providing more homes for them and also provide food. By doing this you can reduce the number of homeless people and they could probably contribute to society by helping others that are in the same position. With a society with no homelessness America could be a better place.

Sincerely, Tommy