Nate S. Michigan

Illegal Immigration in the U.S.

Illegal immigration is a major concern in the United States and somebody needs to act against it. More than 11 million illegal immigrants are settled in the U.S, and more are crossing illegally every day.

Dear Next President,

Every day illegal immigrants cross our border and enter the U.S.A. We all know what they are going through in their country. With poverty and government issues, etc, they just want a better life. We can't blame them for wanting to come into our country, but once they do illegally, they pose a terrorism threat to the U.S. With terrorists around aiming for our country, our borders are vulnerable to them.

Our borders are not properly secure. With that in mind, you, next president, need to fix this issue. I believe building a wall would be a solution to fix our border problems and supply a real-visible border, where immigrants attempt to enter our country illegally. To make this wall work it needs proper structure and security, which would supply more jobs for American citizens. While some believe that a wall will simply fail to protect our borders, with today's technology we can come up with an advanced wall with proper security. Building a wall this big will need economic support, so we need to find a way to pay for it. Raising the tax on goods imported from other countries will help pay for the wall and the security jobs.

To this day, more than 11 million illegal immigrants are settled in the U.S, and it’s costing taxpayers more than $100 billion. Illegal immigrants are not always paying all their taxes. A lot of them don't have enough money to feed themselves, find shelter, and pay taxes, so the government helps them, which costs us even more money. Illegal immigrants often lack the skills and education for jobs in the U.S. This can be solved by giving the illegal immigrants two options. I believe the illegal immigrants should get a chance to become legal and stay in our country while they are taking the immigration test. If they fail to proceed, they should be sent back to their original country. The children will stay with their parents wherever they go.

I believe with my ideas and your power to put these plans into action, we can solve this illegal immigration problem once and for all. We should also encourage more people to come in our country legally. They benefit businesses by filling low-wage jobs that most Americans won't work for, which is  good economic sense.


Nate S.

Evart Middle School

Evart, Michigan

Evart Middle School

5th Block

8th Grade Language Arts

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