Mrs. I. California

Why Civics Education Must Be Taught Today

In today's society, when there are so many things challenging our faith in the electoral system, now more than ever students need a voice.

Dear Future President,

I am a teacher at Health Science Middle School in San Diego, California. We have created our own site here on Letters to the Future President to share our thoughts and dreams with you. I am concerned as a citizen and as an educator the direction both political campaigns have gone this election cycle. In teaching Civic Education, I want my students to understand our political process and their role as future voters. The ideas they share on this site have been a culmination of work over the past month learning about our electoral system and researching issues that are import to them. As you review our letters, please know that students wrote and researched them on their own, generated their own ideas, and care deeply about the issues they have posted. I am proud of their work, and encouraged by their faith and enthusiasm that we can make a difference.

Please read them carefully, they represent their own concerns and the concerns and hopes of their families and friends. Regardless who wins this election, there are big issues that need to be addresses as we move forward together as a nation. These are the voters of the 2020 election, pay attention, they are informed and watching.


Mrs. Ilko

Health Science High and Middle College

Health Science Middle School

Health Science Middle School

Health Sciences Middle School

Our young writers share their passion, questions, and solutions with you in hopes of creating a more positive and powerful dialogue during this electoral season.

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