Jocelyn R. California

College Cost Too Much

Many peolpe say that college cost to much they are right colleges do need to lower how much peolpe need to pay just to go to college.

Dear Future President,

October 27,2016

I believe that College cost to much many people can't pay that much a lot of people don't go to college. I think that the president should tell college to lower paying so much money. They should not be working all day just to pay to go to college. So they can pay their college every year. They do need to pay, they don't have to pay that much. Just to stay in that college and not go to a different college. If they have to leave that college it might take some time go get into a different college. The problem is that many people do want to go to college. They might not have the money to go to college.

The president should make college lower the amount of money that people need to pay. Just to go to college the president should not tell the colleges to make the price higher. So the colleges can make more money. There are many ways to get into college some people may not know that. There are ideas for student so they can get into college. They need to think about what you want. About what college you want to go to and how much it pays and if you can pay it.

The president should tell people all around the world if college cost to much of. Them or if does not cost that much if the president know how many people want to go to college. He is going to feel bad cause he/she are not doing their. Job what they should be doing lowering how much they have to pay just to go into college. They should not pay that much if the president does not want to lower how much they need to pay.


Jocelyn Rayos