Itzel G. California

Immigration Reform

We should have an Immigration reform or change current immigration laws and policies to let immigrants come here to U.S legally to give their family a better life .

       Dear Future President,

Hello I am writing you this letter to discuss the topic about immigration . I believe that immigration should have a reform because immigration have always been an issue . Additionally there are 11 million illegal immigrants here in the United States. However most of these immigrants only come here to give their family a better life, illegal immigrants work on daily basis and sometimes work in many jobs just to maintain their family. To add on immigrants also put their life at risk. For example, immigrants still drive without a license. Also the U.S is spending money on educating and providing healthcare to illegal Immigrants and their children which is putting them in dept .

As future president I think you should make or change to our current immigration laws, or to our policies . I also think that we should fix immigrants that are already in our country so they can keep working here in this country and give their family a better life. In my opinion immigrants should have the same treatment as everybody else in this country because they are just human beings and they should be treated just like one. I also think it's fair to give immigrants an opportunity so they can have chance to show us that they can make a change to our country.

In conclusion immigration has always been a very important issue here in the United States because our country has been upon them . As I explain above I hope you make a change to immigration reform or change a current immigration law to give immigrants a chance to to come here and give their family a better life. Although immigrants today coming to the U.S are coming for a whole host of different reasons. Finally we all must continue to be accepting and willing to allow immigrants in our country today.


Itzel Godinez