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Due to the terrorist attacks by the Islamic State, the majority of innocent Muslims are discriminated against and stereotyped. They are paying for crimes that they haven't committed. Discrimination and hate crimes are not only impacting Muslim society but also affecting the lives of adolescents in schools. They are bullied and attacked based on their faith and cultural outfits. Freedom of Religion is the First Amendment that is protected by the Constitution but it is still not followed or obeyed due to people's ignorant and hateful beliefs. These types of attacks, crimes, incidents and even rallies need to be prohibited or prevented. Rather than rising against the innocents, there should be an established society where people of all religions can live together in peace.

Dear Future President,

Discrimination and stereotypes are affecting Muslims negatively around the United States. Sometimes me and my friends are called offensive names. As a peaceful Muslim, I respect all religions and rise against the hate crimes that are committed against Muslims. Muslims around the world are living in fear from their surroundings and experiencing negative thoughts about their cultural outfits, presence and etc. Specifically women who are frightened of getting their hijab pulled. In fact, different media outlets are spreading more hate, attempting to present the negativities and harsh side of Muslims through terrorist attacks, bombings, executions that are done by the Islamic State. They even portray Islam as a radical and horrifying religion. These causes are actually increasing anti-Muslim sentiment and inviting more people to oppose Muslims. Therefore, I ask you to support the Muslim community in the U.S. and make a society where people of all religions can live together in peace.

Hatred against Muslims began and developed since the day of 9/11. These types of terrorist attacks and crimes affects Muslims from different locations. Particularly, Muslims that are originated from the Middle East, speak Arabic and have their cultural looks and outfits. They have to pay for crimes they never committed. According to Hannah Allam and Javaria Khan of the McClatchy Washington Bureau, “The number of anti-Muslim incidents rose from 135 in 2013 to 154 in 2014, according to the FBI’s figures.” In other words, the number of anti-Muslim incidents rose severely after 2013 in terms of hate crimes. This is evident that the safety of Muslims is currently diminishing and insecurity around people is extending.

Discrimination and stereotypes have gained a large part against Muslims in society. Muslims are often called names that are very offensive. Their looks, outfits and language can lead them either towards a conflict or danger in their own surroundings. As stated in the article, “UC Berkeley student removed from flight after speaking Arabic on plane” by Yanan Wang from the Washington Post, Makhzoomi, a college student born in the Middle East had been invited to a dinner and lecture event by his friend in Los Angeles, California. Later, Makhzoomi was harshly ordered off of a Southwest Airlines flight for speaking Arabic. He was questioned by three officers and agents about his background, Muslim faith and whether he carried a weapon. Afterwards, he was denied to fly on Southwest Airlines. Most importantly, Southwest Airlines said in a statement that the company “neither condones nor tolerates discrimination of any kind.” Which means, Southwest Airlines guarantees safety for all its customers despite their race and religion. Makhzoomi said, “Islamophobia does not serve to fight terror. It plays right into the Islamic State game of striking fear among us.” In other words, ISIS is trying to instill fear into people by giving the religion of Islam a bad image. The sets of rules and laws about discrimination against religion is still not obeyed or followed by people because of their ignorant beliefs, hatred and anger. However, the majority of Muslims are peaceful and don’t want this to happen. These types of processes are making people to not follow or obey the sets of rules and laws about discrimination against religion.

These hate crimes, anti-Muslim incidents, and even discrimination are not only impacting Muslim society but also affecting the daily life of Muslim teens in school. In fact, their cultural clothes are made fun of and compared with the terrorists. According to Michael Alison Chandler of the Washington Post, “In the United States, there have been allegations from students saying they have been discriminated against and bullied based on their religion.” To clarify, there have been claims from students saying they have been discriminated and bullied based on their religion. These cases that are occurring in schools can lead to the next level and bring violence. Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations said, "It is creating a kind of toxic learning environment in which these students feel like they are under attack because of their faith." Simply, Ibrahim is saying that students are learning in a toxic environment which is making them feel like they are under attack and bullied because of their faith. If these type of attacks keep happening, it can lead to great conflicts. Zahra is a 17 year old college student freshman at Montgomery College who had a hateful past experiences in middle school. During seventh grade, her considered friend stopped talking to her after she began to wear hijab. Her school bus driver even called her a “terrorist” and for a while she stopped wearing it. She said, “People are ignorant, that is why they are fearful.” She means, people’s fear come from their ignorance of beliefs that they think are true. The discrimination, bullying and offensive attacks based on faith should be definitely prevented in school because an adolescent’s life is as important as others. Everyone is created equally and we shouldn’t judge or treat each other by faith, but on how the person behaves and treat others.

In the United States of America, the First Amendment that is protected under the Constitution contains Freedom of Religion, that there will be no prohibition in exercising any type of religion. Then why is it that the incidents, attacks, crimes, discrimination and even rallies that occur against Muslims aren’t prohibited or prevented? We are living in a world where countless people including innocent Muslims are seeking peace but hate and frustration are always around to capture the mind and heart of the people to proceed against their own kind because of their ignorant beliefs. Therefore, as a peaceful Muslim, I say to the future president to let us together create a society where people of all religions can live together and no individual is discriminated against due to their beliefs.


Kazi W.


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