Devin L. California

Cleaner Cars

Helping the environment by lowering car emissions.

Dear Mr. President,

Hi, I'm Devin and I believe there should be more regulations put on the car pollution, even after all of the ones that have already been made. The best way to stay healthy is to get outside and be active; this is what I do all the time. The pollution is also slowly affecting our crops and if we don't do anything about it we may not have the agricultural qualities we do now. It even is making it harmful to go outside with the possibilities of getting bronchitis or even cancer.

Ever since 1885-1886, cars have been polluting our air. At first people didn’t know about the harmful things the gases could do to them or the planet. They were scared of it harming their livestock, crops, or personal lives.The urban car enthusiasts didn't mind the pollution that was being made and worried more about their cars getting sold. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the government established the Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE.The overall results were about 75% positive and they are still being enforced on new cars today. The new regulations goals are to clean the air,”...26 percent by the year 2030, compared with 2005 levels.”, said Brady Dennis a reporter for The Washington Post.The problem is still there but it is very small. It's a matter of opinion if our air is clean enough. In my case I believe that in order to completely resolve the problem of climate change and pollution, we need to change to a healthier fuel source completely.

What we use to fuel our cars is what's causing these harmful illnesses. The EIA says that America roughly used 140 billion gallons of gasoline in 2015. They also state America used 368 million gallons of diesel each day. Tafline Laylin, in her home article, states that scientists like Bill McKibben warned us years ago of the climate change that can occur from pollutants in the air. One of the scary things she said was that the air pollution makes it easier for climate change to occur which can help cause tornadoes. The cars that put out the highest amount of pollutants are suvs and trucks. Obama realized this and placed a standard on fuel efficiency for medium and heavy duty trucks to reduce the carbon in the air in hopes to reduce climate change

Most people think that our car's exhaust isn't harmful or isn't a big enough problem to pay attention to. The union of Concerned Scientists state that poor air quality can increase humans chances of being infected with illnesses such as Bronchitis, health burdens, and even cancer. In Karin Kloostermans article, “Joint American-Israeli Research Project, demonstrates for the first time how tiny particles of pollution dangerously affect the clouds”, states scientists believe that the gases in the air from the car's exhaust helps trigger tornadoes and other weather changes. Harmful gases like Carbon get released from cars every day that's causing the Ozone to slowly weaken. The small parasites that help our plants grow healthily, get killed off by the pollution. This causes the plants growth to be stunted. The harmful gases are also settling in our soil. If pollution is ignored it's possible ,in the future, that our livestock gets raised on infected plants and the livestock makes it back into our homes.

Some people believe that fossil fuel isn't dangerous at all, Alex Epstein at the Center for Industrial Progress, actually believes that using fossil fuel actually helps clean our water. Other people like the ones who created “Car Pollution and Global Warming-Effects of Car Exhaust on The Environment”, believe that it causes sicknesses and problems with the environment. The business owners or people who make a profit off of the gas or car company mostly care about making money for their company.They don't care about effects of the cars exhaust, they just want to sell their product. There’s a lot of people that think the numbers of toxins being found aren't high enough so they don't worry about the dangers. Farmers or other people in the agriculture area care about the environment and want to lower the amount of toxins being put out. Most of the everyday people who don't work in jobs where the air pollution affects them don't worry about the pollution. The only time they're going to care about it is if it's causing them harm.

The government should try to encourage people to buy electric cars or even lower the prices for them. The gas limits should be lowered during the week and that could help with lowering the amount of climate change. The most affective way that the air pollution could be stopped is by finding a new fuel source that doesn't put off harmful gases.. The government should encourage scientists to find cures for bugs that help farmers crops grow that get harmed by the pollution.

Overall air pollution is a horrible thing for our earth and our own health. If nothing is done about it then it can cause huge problems with our nature.Nobody except for our government or us can save ourselves from this problem. People should do what they can every day to shut off their cars and leave them off if they want to keep the environment and themselves safe.


Devin L.