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Gun access is a big problem that you should address

In the last years, gun shooting has gotten out of control and many innocent people have lost their life. There are shootings everywhere and this is just tragic.

Dear President,

There are many issues that you come across every day, one of the most important to me is gun control. Gun access is a big problem that you should address because in the last years, shootings have gotten out of control and many innocent people have lost their lives because of this.

There are many reasons and causes of those shooting, the most common are criminals, suspected terrorist and people with mental disturbances. In June 2013 Omar Mateen, attacked a dance club for gay people in Florida, killing 50 people and 53 were wounded. Police think this could happen because of the discrimination against gay people or because of terrorism. But if the government take out all those guns from the wrong people this couldn’t happen. Chris Murphy is a lawmaker from Connecticut. He said, “these shootings have become too common”. “They happen only in America”, he said.

These shooting has gotten out of control and they are happening everywhere, on September 17, 2013, Aaron Alexis from Texas attacked the Washington Navy Yard shooting office workers in the cafeteria and a hallway, killing 13 people. The attack took place in the heart of the nation's capital, very close to the White House. Also in June 2015 a gunman shot at a group of worshippers inside Emanuel A.M.E. Church ("Mother Emanuel.") in Charleston, South Carolina killing 9 people including the church’s leader. This church is historical and so important for the black community because it represents their freedom, Those are good evidence that proves that you need to make more laws to protect your people and stop those terrible things happen. Every time we leave our house we don’t know if we will come back because there are many bad people with guns out there and we don’t know when or where they gonna use them.

Gun access is a big problem that you should address to make sure the people of the United States is safe. Amendment 2 of the Constitution gives people the right to keep and bear guns, and that is good because people can protect themselves with guns. But I think you should make more laws and wherever you can get a gun, has to have background checks. So you can identify criminals, suspected terrorists, and people with mental disturbances from legally purchasing guns and we need more security in our communities.


Marco Flores


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