Lindsay E. Massachusetts

Gun Control: An Important Issue That Must Be Dealt With Seriously

Gun control is a prominent issue in our society. Every time you turn on the news, you are bombarded with stories involving violence and the use of guns. My question to you: what will you do about it?

Dear Future a president,

      I've heard about it, you've heard about it, and, undoubtedly, every citizen in America has heard about it: gun violence. Every time someone turns on the television, looks at a news feed, or reads a newspaper, one topic is sure to pop up, and that is the topic of gun violence and the laws, or lack thereof, that must be put in place to combat this problem. Everyone has an opinion on the problem and what should be done about it. My question to you: what are you going to do about it?

      It is my hope that you, as president of the United States, will take action in an effort to alleviate the huge problem with guns in our nation by passing more restrictive laws to ensure the safety of our citizens and nation as a whole. The problem that exists involving gun laws can be seen in the, the ease in acquiring a gun and the huge number of deaths as a result of guns in our country.

     Getting a gun is far too easy. It is estimated that out of the millions who buy guns, only a small 1% are denied access (Smith, Aaron). This means that 99% of people seeking guns are able to get it. Does that sound like regulation to you? Guns are a device that can be used to harm, or even kill, another person. It makes absolutely no sense to provide guns to these huge masses of people without careful, formal background checks ensuring that they are safe to own a device that could impose such harm to the citizens of our nation. I hope that you, as president, recognize how big of an issue gun violence is, and work in beginning the process of making changes to the background checks that are required for people to buy guns. 1% is too high; we, as a nation, must begin to recognize that the problem with guns lies in the laws regulating who is allowed to buy a gun.

      Guns are getting into the hands of the wrong people. In 2016 alone, there have been 12,003 deaths as a result of guns (“Mission”). This number is shocking. 12,003 people in our nation have been killed using a device so easy to acquire. It is clear that there is a problem. It is evident that gun laws are too lenient; so many people are losing their lives to guns that should not even be in the possession of their owners. More restriction and careful background checks will aid in the prevention of gun violence and stop this huge number of deaths. It is my hope that in the future, I will no longer have to turn on the television and hear stories of gun violence every night. I hope that you, as president, take into consideration what I have to say and take action regarding gun violence and regulation. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter.


Lindsay Enos

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