Mark M. Connecticut

Letter to the Next President

Dear future president, One important issue that should be thought about is gun control. Guns need to be controlled better because they could get into the wrong hands. When they do, they are dangerous to be around. As president, you need to find a solution as for how to make guns safer.

Dear future president,

I would like to inform you that when you become president, you will have to deal with many problems and find acceptable solutions to various issues facing the country. One of those important issues is gun control. According to, "The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which concerns the right to bear arms, is always a hot-button issue, especially during election season."

It is complicated because there are millions of voters who are pro or against the right of citizens to own guns. It is not as simple as black and white. In fact, there are many shades in between.

For example, many people get murdered by firearms. On the other hand, majority of these murders are committed by criminals who obtained their guns illegally. Some people like to collect guns or buy them for hunting which is reasonable, but should they be allowed to purchase machine guns and other assault weapons created for the purpose of killing other humans? Should responsible parents who safely keep their guns locked up away from their kids not be allowed to own them because there are other irresponsible gun owners who do not keep them stored properly? If one starts restricting gun ownership rights, how is it going to affect humans? Also, there are a lot of workers in the gun industry that might lose their jobs if guns become illegal.

Mr./Mrs. President, I think gun control is a big issue and you will need to know how to plan to solve the problem especially with the country being very divided on this important issue. You need to find the middle ground on the gun policy that can be supported by all people and therefore could be passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives. Perhaps the compromise could be achieved when there is a more strict control on who can buy the guns and what type of guns are available for sale with the most lethal weapons banned.

Thank you very much.



Greenwich High School

English 113

English 113

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