Kendra New York

Illegal immigrants: some are welcome, some are not.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President, 

                   My name is Kendra, I go to an all girls school in New York, and I would like to share my opinions on illegal immigrants. I hope you take this letter into consideration when reading it, it means a lot to me. When undocumented aliens come into the United States, they are willing to take any job they can get to support themselves and their families, which is good for America because we get items in a bigger quantity but for less. On the other hand, letting illegal immigrants stay in the U.S raises the fear of crime and terrorism rates to increase. If crime rates and terrorism rates increase, the amount of Americans who feel safe in our country will decrease, leaving tension between the states and the government. 

                    When illegal immigrants come into the United States, it can help the economy (according to โ€œWhile a small percentage of native-born Americans may be harmed by immigration, vastly more Americans benefit from the contributions that immigrants make to our economy, including lower consumer prices.โ€ I agree with this statement because not all illegal aliens are bad and some help out our country tremendously. Illegal aliens who work also pay taxes. As you know, taxes go to many different organizations and companies to help fund them, some of these organisations and companies include: firefighters, police, schools, libraries, and even the government. If we kick the immigrants that support our economy out it might cause tension because they helped us, why can't we help them? While we do have pros and cons, the real issues still stand, how are they getting in? And who's letting them stay? 

                    If we let illegal aliens stay in the United States what else could they do? They could get into other illegal tendencies, yes. But they can also do good for our economy. I feel that maybe we should let the aliens who help out, pay taxes, and support our community, stay. The aliens that don't work, are a threat to society, and are rude should leave. I hope you take this letter into consideration and hopefully use this in your term as president. Good luck with the election. 


                                                                                                  Kendra from The Charlton School

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