Sophia S. New York

Native American Rights

Native American rights.

Dear Future President,

I wanted to write to you about a matter that is incredibly important to me. This issue is Native American Rights. I care deeply about this subject because I feel that people need to respect the Native American community a great deal more than they have been. The indigenous people of North America have been extremely mistreated since Christopher Columbus came over and “discovered” America. One way to work on fixing this issue and to show the Native American’s that we recognize and respect them is to abolish Columbus Day. Instead, we should celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. We should not be celebrating and praising a man who slaughtered thousands of innocent people who were trying to protect their land.

Native Americans are people just like you and me. One thing that humans need in order to survive is water. Everyone deserves clean water; this is just a basic human right that no one should be denied. I encourage you to make sure that they have clean water and that their water sources are not being contaminated. This is an extremely important matter that everyone needs to take seriously. Also, the indigenous people of North America merit the right to have some of the land that was taken from them, given back. They were placed on reservations by the leaders of our country as if they were animals, and I think that you, as the president, need to do the best you can to give them better places to live. In addition to what I have written, I would like to express my frustration over the Dakota Access Pipeline. I strongly advise you to not go through with this project and instead to preserve this precious land and the land of the Native Americans. I cannot express to you enough how much this issue means to me.