Nathan Q. California

Illegal Immigration

A Huge Problem

Dear Next President,

Illegal immigration is a huge problem and you may ask why and I am gonna tell you why one reason is because Mexicans are coming to america and they don't have papers and they are taking all the jobs then by the time you know it we are gonna be homeless U.S Citizens. Also according to the Washington post 11 million illegal immigrants I am mexican myself But in the future when we are older we are not gonna have any jobs. Then we are gonna have families and be homeless and that is not a good thing because then there is gonna be a lot of homeless in the united states and the president is gonna be responsible for that so I think they should fire illegal immigrants from all the jobs there are in the united states of america.

Another reason is Bombing going around the united states. There recently has been a lot of bombing and then they are gonna bring that to the united states and then the U.S.A is not gonna be a safe place for people to grow up in and they could plan a secret bombing attack and take out all our troops and they could take over the united states. Through out history Isis and Muslims where bombing places and we are facing it today

The third reason is drug trafficking there are getting illegal drugs over here and that is such a big problem in California because people have good jobs try it and by the time you know it they're addicted to it and then there gonna lose their jobs and lose their family and become homeless because of drug trafficking on google it states that 47,000 people died because they overdosed in 2014 but that's in 2014 but we need to think about 2016 because there are new drugs being discovered and they are known as Cocaine,Heroin,Marijuana those are the most common drugs in the U.S and there was one found in china called flakka and what if it is transferred to the U.S and they start dealing it over here and people who are caught or deal it should be put in prison for at least 5-11 years because they could have caused someone overdosing and getting caught by the police and they could've had a family but if they would've bought drugs and been caught they wouldn't have seen their family.

also you can fix the U.S by securing the border from mexico to California and check the places under ground and see if there sending drugs underground and you could fix U.S citizens getting their jobs taken by Mexicans with no papers when they apply for a job do a good background check and just check Muslims and see if they have any illegal objects but don't engage them right away because racism is becoming a problem in the U.S because police have been killing African american people and they never do anything to the police sometimes they do but not all the time that is how we make america great again not by building a huge wall separating mexico and California or bombing Isis that is what I think the next president should do.

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 6

This class is Ms. Woods's sixth period language arts class.

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