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Banning the Niqab is wrong.

Dear future President,

I recently saw an article that mentioned how a Muslim woman got kicked out of a dollar store for wearing traditional clothing called a Niqab. Reading this outraged me as well as when I watched the video that the women recorded during these events. It was stated that Sarah Safi, 32, was at the store in Gary, Indiana, buying coals for a barbecue when she says the employee told her that she had to remove her modest Muslim garb or leave. Just reading that made me get the goose bumps. "I might have made it ten steps into the store and I hear the lady behind the counter say, 'Ma'am, you need to take off your face or you need to leave my store,'" Safi told ABC7 in Chicago. This statement is outrageous. Anyone should be able to wear what they want to wear no matter if its religious or not. 

While researching this topic I also found that overseas many countries have banned this religious attire. The countries that have banned them include Bulgaria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Egypt, Switzerland, Italy, and Chad. Most of these countries have banned this religious outfit to be worn out in public. In my opinion I don't see the problem with wearing this attire in public; everyone should have the freedom to express who they are. I don't want to see the United States go to this extent and ban this important Muslim tradition. So please, future president, please take notice of this conflict that is happening throughout the US and other countries.  You must protect a woman's right to freedom of religion and expression. Do not let the US join in this ban.



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