Lindsey W. North Carolina

My Letter to You, Future President

With power resting in their hands, the future president faces many concerns that require attention.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter regarding the topic of immigration. Although today's society is overwhelmed with various concerns, I believe that immigration requires a specific delicacy. You as the President of the United States should look at this topic from an aerial view. You should be able to make harsh decisions while also taking account for the families affected by your actions. As a country of freedom, it is our responsibility to remain secure, while also providing a safe haven for those in need.

The current elections have offered many possible remedies for immigration, although we haven't heard much about a middle ground. We’ve heard extreme solutions to this problem of illegal immigration and deportation, however, in my opinion politicians have neglected to provide a realistic solution. Right now we are faced with two polar opinions. One plans to allow all immigrants into the country, while on the other hand one plans to construct a barrier between the United States and Mexico. I hope that during this presidential term we will be able to remain safe while also providing support for those entering and living in our country. As the President of the United States, it is your responsibility to remain just when making these critical decisions.

Our nation was built on the idea of checks and balances. This is a concept designed so specific branches will not gain too much power, it does this by having counterbalancing controls. As you make decisions regarding immigration, it is pivotal that there are counteracting positions to make these influential choices.

The U.S was built on the constitution, a set of rules put in place to guard the integrity of this country. During your years as President, I hope you will advocate for these rights and protect the infrastructure of America. It is your duty to protect the liberty of American citizens.