kylie h. Oregon

Letter to the president

Equal Pay Women’s rights!

Dear President,

I feel that a issue that needs your attention is equal pay for women. Women should get paid the same amount as men. Men gets paid more than women even if they work at the same job. It’s true that men get paid more even if the work the same amount as women. If women worked more than men will the men get more than women still? Every dollar a man makes a women makes 79 cents per hour for the same type of work. ( Single mothers are out the struggling out there working at least 2 jobs and no not enough money to pay for the bills and food, water, clothes.

Single women with children now make up 43.1 % of all households. (www.statusofwomen women got paid the same amount as men then they would be able to pay their bills, buy food, and clothes for themselves and their children.( Women in engineering get paid 82% of what males are paid for the same job. If they got more money they would be able to reduce the amount of single mother families living below the poverty rate. The poverty rate for all families is 11.8% versus poverty rate for single mother led households is 31.2%. Increasing the pay for women would increase the economy. It would, also, increase the health of children and women.

President, it is time for a change, women should be treated as men get treated. Women can do whatever a man can do. There are single mothers out there to take care of their children. They will not be able to take care of there kids if they don't have enough money to get clothes, food, or even to pay the bills.

Sincerely, Kylie Hutson