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Meat industry

Meat industry needs improvement

President of the United States

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Future President,

In the past couple decades, the quality of store bought meats and other foods have rapidly declined, Especially with big companies such as Tyson and McDonalds. Ever since the change in the way people live, nowadays most people have moved to populated areas (cities, towns) making them more reliant on meals from the store and from big corporations, compared to people raising their own meat and other foods like they historically used to. This culture change benefits companies and makes the demand of meat increasingly high.

one of the biggest meat producing companies in the world is Tyson.

Tyson’s meats are very unhealthy. In addition, their animals are injected with antibiotics to grow faster. On the website “” it states, “in 1925 it took 16 weeks and almost 12 pounds of feed to grow a two and a half pound chicken.” Today, a chicken more than twice that size can be grown in less than half the time with only 11 pounds of feed. This makes you wonder how healthy this meat is.

Tyson claims to raise their chicken all natural, healthy, and free of any antibiotics/steroids. In the article “You Need to Know This If You Eat Tyson Chicken,” it indicates that Tyson has been in many lawsuits over the last few decades about their claim to raise their chicken antibiotic free. Tyson first got in trouble by putting antibiotics in their food. A federal judge told Tyson to immediately stop using that to label their product. Tyson found a way around that stipulation, though. They inject their eggs with antibiotics, so technically the chicken were raised without antibiotics. Clearly, the drugs injected into chicken cannot be good for human consumption.

The documentary “Foods, Inc.” explains the growth of the chicken and even shows you the inside of an industrial chicken farm. In the show, it explains how antibiotics are used in the chickens and how it makes them grow bigger and faster than the average chicken.The chickens grow so fast that their legs, leg muscles and tendons can’t keep up with their body, so they can’t even walk, and most are sick. This is just an idea of the industrial meat farms of America.

They way big corporations raise their meats needs to be monitored more closely. Big companies need to put on the package the antibiotics and steroids used to grow their meats.

Thank you, future President.

-luke williams