Caulin l. Oregon



Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Students suffer from severe depression and anxiety and sometimes even resort to suicide. This is a big problem for teens, in my opinion, is standardized testing. Standardized testing causes people that have a hard time studying to stress out.

Standardized testing is a state requirement that all students must meet. People that have a hard time taking test and/or can’t study for them are doomed to fail. They also make the tests so very challenging. A study has shown that 70 % of all schools will have the label of “failed”. A lot of this comes from standardized testing, which can also cause students not to graduate high school if they don’t pass.

Standardized tests can make people not graduate from high school. That is the fear that so many people have of not graduating high school. When students don’t pass, the schools turn to proficiencies, which are also hard to pass. According to “I can finish college” about 20% of teens do not receive a high school diploma. By taking out standardized tests, there will be more graduates. Some companies will not hire people without a diploma. So if there are more graduates, then there will be more people in the work force. With more people in the work force, more people can help their families and survive without welfare.

Not only does standardized testing affect the graduation rate, it can affect teen depression and anxiety and even suicide. This is the main results in these tests. About 15 million Americans are diagnosed with depression in high school, and one half of that are diagnosed with anxiety. With all of these people with these conditions, each day about 5,240 attempt suicide. Also, three out of five attempts are successful, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . These lives matter to many families. We can lower this number just by taking out state standardized tests.

Mr or Mrs. President, we need you in this issue. Many other people can argue this in many ways because people think there should be standardized test . These tests can also be good, but in the end, this country may be more successful without these tests. Thank you Mr or Mrs. President.