Nautica M. Oregon

Police Brutality Among African Americans

Things need to change, and you can make a huge impact being the person you are.

Dear Future President,

I Nautica McMurry, am coming to you with this letter on Police brutality among African Americans because I’m a young African American woman. I think that this has gone further and continues to go on more than it should. I feel like something needs to be done or maybe said, because clearly the protests, and killings aren’t enough.

Being young, and seeing these things happen really hurts. Especially having to grow up with it happening around you everyday. Having to be careful where you step or what you do with every move you make is crazy.

It's almost as if I don't understand… I understand what's happening but I don't get why. Why is it that police brutality is so strong towards African Americans? Does our skin, the way we dress, the way we carry ourselves offend the police? If so, why? We are human, just like everyone else. We deserve the same as everyone else. And we should have an equal amount of respect. Yet we don't get it, at least that's not what it looks like.

Not only do I not understand why, but I also don’t understand how its just became a normal thing. It feels as if it’s just something that occurs naturally. “The New York Times, Minneapolis Police Officers Will Not Be Disciplined for Fatal Shooting.” This article had to do with, two officers shooting 24 year old Jamar Clark in the head. He was young, how do you think his family felt, losing their son? Or how about when “The New York Times” gave the article on Movement in the Eric Garner Case? I mean, is it not enough? Just take some time and think about it…

There are so many cases along with these ones that are breathtaking. So I’m praying that this letter will make a difference. I’m hoping that you understand where I’m coming from, and look further into the situation at hand. Things need to change, and you can make a huge impact being the person you are.


Nautica McMurry

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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