Quynn S. Michigan

Gender Equality in America

Gender inequality is one of the biggest issues in America, And it needs to be stopped!

Dear Future President,

My name is Quynn and I am a student at Swan Valley High School in Saginaw Michigan. I look forward to being able to vote one day in the future, but knowing that, there is an important issue that I feel must be addressed. This issue is the inequality between men and women. Less that 4.6% of women are business owners and just nearly 13% are are board members. According to study's conducted in 2016 women make 10-20 cents less for every dollar a man makes (thenewsagenda.net).

The fact that women usually make less than men they are still counted on to be the primary responsibility for child care, domestic work, and even caring for elders sickens me. Going along with the caregiver topic fathers of children younger that 18 make dollar while the mothers are only making 74.7 cents (makers.com). In the United States the top 5 equal gender states were Hawaii, New York, Illinois, Maryland, and Vermont. The lowest ranked states were Wyoming, Texas, South Carolina, Idaho, and Utah. So going back to what I said earlier about female CEO's, just 20 years ago there were none (voanews.com)!

Now I will be addressing the current candidates of the 2016 election and there views on the subject. First off is Hillary, Hillary says that if she were to become president she would work hard to close the pay gap between men and women, she says that there will be quality adorable child care, she will increase minimum wage, enhance social security, confront violence against women, and much more. Hillary wants to make life equal for everyone and she says "Too often are these called women's issues. Well I am a proud lifelong fighter for women's issues. Because I firmly believe what's good for women is good for America (hillaryclinton.com)." Next we will talk about trumps views on the subject. Trump wants to completely ban abortion. He also wants to repel the affordable care act, he would rather shut down the government than fund the planed parenting act, he is against breastfeeding, and much more as learned from (prochoiceamerica.org). Also their has been alleged confrontation about Trump treating women badly in the past so obviously he does not very much so support women's rights!

One of the worst parts about women inequality isn't even that fact that it exists it is that not even restrictions on rights is even among all women. For example you would have a lower pay than men no matter what race you are but studies show that a Caucasian women you make more that a Hispanic or African American women. Hillary believes in the fact that all people should be treated equal and that all genders should be treated equal. This is the right this because that's what America was supposed to be all about freedom and kindness and equality. And that is why we need to make laws and help women and even there children by making everyone equal.

So in conclusion I say that gender equality is still a problem that needs fixing. So if you get to read this letter help America become a free and equal place for everyone and that means actually every one. Do it for the good of women and children and you won't regret it! Because as of 2014 with an advanced degree men make $1,249 and women only make $965 which just isn't right (dol.gov)! our. There are many thing that can be done and many things that should so make the right decision future president and make women and men equal like they should be!

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