katie Oregon

School Funding

The way School funding is affecting the education of children nationwide.

October 12th 2016

Dear President,

I am writing to you today regarding school funding nationwide. The way money is distributed to schools is unfair. Speaking from personal experience, the school I attend, West Albany High School, could be a much better place for kids to learn and be more successful if they had the appropriate school funding to do so.

Children nationwide are attending schools that are falling apart due to the lack of funding they receive to make the repairs they need. Cut backs cause schools to let teachers go, and people are losing their jobs. Not to mention classrooms are housing twice as many kids. Making it harder and harder for one teacher to help 40+ kids in one class. When kids are frequently being piled into classrooms with so many kids, the success rate of those classes goes down due to the lack of attention from a teacher, all of which is caused by cut backs from loss of funding the schools get.

Although the money that doesn't get put put into schools goes to other things in the community, such as roads and businesses, it's creating an atmosphere that is much harder for kids at school. Cafeteria foods are becoming less and less healthy because of the many cutbacks on funding. This is causing kids who eat school lunches that aren't healthy to be more sluggish and tired throughout the day. Without eating healthy food that gives them energy, kids can have a harder time paying attention in classes.

It is your job, Mr. or Mrs. President, to help the children in schools nationwide get a better education by helping better the way schools are funded so kids have the opportunity to have a more successful schooling career.