Michael C. Oregon

Marijuana in The USA

The help of marijuana in a medical way

Dear Future President

There is a ubiquitous perception that everyone who uses marijuana ends up slouched on the couch, bleary eyed, watching some mindless comedy show. As the time flies by, it seems to be ingrained in the communal perception of the chronic use of chronic. People who use the marijuana for medical purposes but not a green card are having a hard time living and a lot of this world doesn't see that. The implementation of marijuana in the USA is something that should be considered most people that don't know about marijuana put the idea off and don't bring up the factor that it could help.

In 1910 there was the Mexican revolution, and right after that immigrants started coming into the U.S and introduced the recreational use of marijuana. After some states started spreading it to the neighboring states, the drug was associated with the immigrants.

With the help of cannabis, people with health problems could be helped immensely. People with multiple sclerosis have a hard enough time with living in general. Science studies have shown that people who have multiple sclerosis who are avid users of marijuana have reported that the substance helps treat some side effects.The pain that MS causes, tremors and spasticity. In the case of anorexia and bulimia, the worst part of having either one of these emotional disorders is it's mostly in the head. With the use of marijuana the patient would be able to not think about the problem and eventually would help them eat more often.

The main problem that I’m trying to address is the lack of medical marijuana dispensaries within the states where its use is legal, either recreationally or medically.

When an anorexia/bulimia patient ingests marijuana, the psychoactive helps balance out the imbalance of chemicals in the brain of the patient. It causes a spike in appetite, causing them to eat after a while of using marijuana. For a while, the chemical imbalance will return to normal, so the anorexia/bulimia patient be eating at a normal rate.

As a person with people in my life who are dealing with problems such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, anorexia, etc., the list goes on. Some who are using cannabis as a way to help are able to go out and do thing with there kids and live there life, they don't let there problem hold them back.


Michael Christensen