Lilli B. Washington

Female Objectification

Women should be paid equally. This is about the way women are objectified and the way women have/are being treated around the work place.

Dear Next President,

I am gravely concerned with the issue that has been lingering around since a long time ago: Female objectification and women almost always being degraded and singled out. I have witnessed this before and also been at the end of these sexist jokes and or comments. There are major concerns I have, first off the message to young girls about how they need to have a perfect body, face, and cake on the makeup which isn't true. Secondly, the way women are treated around the work place, and lastly, equal pay among the work place. I feel that we need to show that women are just as equal as men and that we are just as strong as them

To start, constantly young girls are shown through magazines, movies, television shows, and social media that you need to have the perfect body and face to get recognized by anyone or man. If young girls are shown only that body and looks matter then obviously we've done something wrong because it's not just about the body and face it is also about the intellectual sides of things. Young girls need to know that being smart and having a good education will get you places also and get you jobs of your dreams, and that really having ten pounds of makeup on your face doesn't usually get you the job you really want. For example, The Kardashians, in the reality television show they show off the luxurious lifestyle of these women, but not at all of it is realistic. Yes, in the show they may be wearing a ton of makeup and have these perfect curvy bodies, but that's just what you see on the outside. You don't ever see whats happening behind the scenes, like their crazy workouts and diets or the amount of time it takes for them to do their hair and makeup for just one fifty minute show to make them seem like the perfect women. But the show is actually so deceiving because all of it is so unrealistic.

Secondly, the way men act around women in the office or work area. There have been many cases were women were sexually harasses by a man in the workplace then been called a "slut" or a "whore" for refusing his unwanted gesture. Which makes no sense, because the women rejected him so that no way makes her a slut or whore, if anything he shouldn't be asking for something she doesn't want then getting mad after being rejected. Even when women say no to this unwanted gesture sometimes the men just do what they want and it put it upon her forcefully. Then after she's been attacked she is called a "hoe", "slut", or a "whore", and all sorts of other names. When sexual interaction is forcefully put upon a women or man that is called Rape, and rape is never okay no matter what situation, and to see data that shows that men and women think it is okay to rape in some situations is completely insane. If you asked a women how she felt after she had been sexually assaulted she would probably say she felt super uncomfortable, dirty, and scared after it happened. Also, in some situations when someone says they have been raped and people not believing them is outrageous because I truly don't think anyone would lie about being raped. Usually, women are blamed for being raped saying it was their fault for provoking the man or enticing him when really the man had no stopping point. If they hear no, they cannot stop themselves maybe because they're just not thinking or they don't care. In the article "Rape Statistics" it shows that 89,000 rape case reports have been made in the U.S.

This also relates to equal pay in the workplace. All around the world in the different work places women are not paid as much as men for whatever reason. Women work just as hard as men and most likely even harder because they have to earn there respect and prove to the male workers they aren't just some pushover the office hired, but are here to stay and make improvements and be a permanent member. But that doesn't seem to matter at all because most offices are filled with men and maybe a couple women. Same with professional athletes, male professional athletes get paid way more than female professional athletes, and can I just say coming from a female athlete position that women are way tougher on and off the field? Moving on, female and males should all get paid the same in sports and workplaces. Just because a women is a women doesn't mean she's weaker and more unable than a man, and even in those cases that definitely shouldn't affect how much someone is getting paid and how much a women is getting paid. Overall, this whole "no equal pay for women" situation going on is ridiculous.

In conclusion, females are just as equal as men no matter what they stereotype is. Plus, young girls should not be so influenced by all the social media going around and the photos because that really doesn't get you anywhere. Women also shouldn't have to worry about whether or not they'll get sexually harassed in the work office the next day and how they should dress to prevent it. Lastly, if people say that men and women are equal than they need to live up to that saying because they are so many unequal things about men and women and not being paid the same amount is definitely one of them. I feel that maybe we should have rally's for women's equality that are held by powerful women leaders in the world.

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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