Vito A. New York


Dear Future President,

Many scientists claim that vaccinations are excellent for curing yourself and stopping the spread of viruses, illnesses, etc. Many studies show that vaccines are causing cellular mutations causing those viruses to withstand many vaccines. Also many vaccines contain harmful ingredients and are even banned in some cultures. Vaccines should have more research put into them and should not be forced on to any individual.

“Vaccines are causing life threatening pathogens” (“Vaccines”). Vaccines cause the virus to mutate and withstand certain medications. A vaccine that used to cure whooping cough is now ineffective. This is due to a small number of pathogens that survived the vaccine the first time now multiplying into large amounts of deadly bacteria. In Australia a vaccine that was used to cure whooping cough is now ineffective. Whooping cough is now on the rise worldwide.

“Should vaccines be required for anyone?” (“Vaccines”). Vaccines should not be required unless the virus is deadly or highly contagious. Kids should definitely not be forced by the gov’t to get vaccinated. This choice should be left up to the parent or guardian of that child. If the gov’t forces medication upon to any individual it is basically saying that the gov’t owns you and your body.In some places where Christianity is popular people believe that keeping a healthy mind will cure them. Others believe that in a few days or weeks they will be healed by God or by natural means. I personally believe that if you wait long and just sit through the virus will pass over time.

“Vaccines contain harmful ingredients” (“Vaccines”). Many vaccines contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can include but not limited to Formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, methanol, etc. These ingredients can cause illness in the human body. For instance too much aluminum can harm the nervous system. Another example is that too much mercury can lead to brain damage and or death. Also all people who take vaccines risk a very small chance at getting anaphylaxis. This is a deadly allergic reaction. I personally have had anaphylaxis though not from a vaccine and do not want to undergo that ever again.

“Vaccines greatly reduce disease disability death and inequity worldwide”(“Vaccines”). Though i have just given many points on the cons of vaccination not all vaccines are bad. Many vaccines do in fact get rid of or weaken disease to the point where they are no longer a threat. Vaccines also help people live longer. The average human lifespan is about 71 years old. In Japan these numbers are increasing, more and more people in Japan are now living past the age of 80, thanks to vaccinations. Thus, vaccines are risky and have flaws but have benefits as well.

VS North HS

Italiano/Suarez Per 2

These letters were written by 9th grade students. They spent two weeks researching issues and one week learning how to write an argument letter. This was the first project of this magnitude that they have ever experienced, they learned a lot, and they are very happy to be done! Thank you for reading.

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