Danielle New York

Violence in America

In America we have violence all around us. Many people feel threatened and violated because of violence. This negative energy must be stopped.

Dear Future President,

Your duty as the next president of the United States is to be a strong leader. Your knowledge and decisions will have an impact on all American lives and future generations. As president you will be responsible for keeping our country standing proud and independent. There are many decisions that you must make regarding ongoing violence and threats made against our country.

I feel that our country is not safe when I watch the news and hear about killers and terrorists around the world coming into our country and trying to harm our citizens. We have many soldiers overseas fighting and some dying for the protection of our country.

As the next president I very much hope that you will make a difference in stopping the violence in the world. Every American should feel protected and safe. Every person from young to old, rich to poor should be treated equal and respected in America. Thank you future president for taking my letter into consideration, I hope we will be safer in America.

From, Danielle W

Center Moriches Middle School

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