Madaline K. Mississippi

Racism: The Wall Already Built in America

Racism needs to stop in America because it's wrong and causes unnecessary death.

Dear Future President,

Racism has been alive since the birth of America. Racism is the main separating  factor in American society, almost like a brick wall that blocks success, unity, and perseverance. The major solution would be to strengthen the justice system. Racism shouldn't be punished by a slap on the wrist, but it should be considered as a major offense, no matter what and who the case consists of. 

Racism in America is prevalent and that is demonstrated through racial profiling done by law enforcement. Many deaths of African Americans were due to the assumption that they were "thugs" or "gangsters". Whether law enforcement officials want to admit it or not, the assumption that the black victim was harmful from his or her looks stemmed from racism. Statistics show that 51.1% of men were black that were killed by police versus 46.3% that were white. This statistic shows that black men are more prone to being gunned down than white men no matter the circumstance. Police need to learn how to control their weapons until they know who is who. 

Not only are police officers murdering innocent black men, citizens are also. The darker side to this story is that the citizens, particularly white men, are getting away with it. Trevon Martin was a young teen in Florida that was gunned down just because of the way he looked. He was not violent and did not initiate any trouble. People usually tend to judge black men on their looks and relate their appearances to danger. A test done, a shooting game reported by the NY Post, shows that gamers are more likely to shoot a black man than a white man. This is a prime example of racism in the U.S. in the form of racial profiling and this needs to stop along with all other forms of racism in order to unify the nation. 

America needs to progress instead of regress. We've been through the Civil Rights Movement, Jim Crow, and segregation already. No other civil rights issues should have ever been sparked again but they have and something has to be done to terminate the hatred. The U.S. can't expect to be a leader and a world power if things aren't in order in our own territory. Racism is outdated, wrong, and a thing of the past. If it happens and is serious enough, it should be punished so harshly that no one would ever be discriminatory against another human being again. America doesn't need to be great again, but America needs to finally be great.