Seblewongel A. Mississippi


You can change the world.

Dear Future President.

Dear future president, I just want to let you know that as a black person, I want all my rights to be respected just as equal as the other white people in the US.

I expect you not todiscriminate people based on racialbackgrounds. Also, I expect you to respect Gender equality and give opportuities to both men and women equally.

I expect you to get rid of the organization ISIS and other terrorist groups once you get elected. I expect you to lead the country in a right and truthful way and to

make the country better than it is now. Also, I expect you to respect all religion every individual has and not to treat me or others differently just because we are

followers of that religion. You have your own belief, we have our own belief, lets just leave it at that.

Also I really really hope you meddle on the issue of white policemen killing black people unneccessarily. Make a law that does justice to both the white and the black

people. Black lives matter future president.

Give oppotunities to foreign people to come to th US and get better job opportunities and good educaion.

I hope God blesses America through you.

International Student