Tyja S. Mississippi

Letter to the Future President

College Tuition

Dear Future President,

What are your views and how are you going to deal with cheaper or free college tuition for undergraduate students? You as president should want your youth, future leaders of our country to be educated in order to take a stand in leading our country. How can we do this when college is expensive and we have to get student loans, which eventually lead to some being in debt?

Another issue is minimum wage increases. Majority of the fast food jobs pay minimum wage and those jobs are occupied by teenage students. Do you think the jobs should pay more so that the students who are working trying to provide themselves with food and other necessary needs will be able to. Also, just think of the people who graduate high school and get a job instead of going to college because academically they were not able receive a scholarship for college and their parent(s) were not financially able. Those people go to work so they can save for college. Raise minimum wages so that their savings will not go in vein. This statement also reflects on free colleges.