Zachary J. California


Racism is ruining our country.

Dear next President,

Did you know that over the last hundred years over 60 million people have died because of racism? Racism is ruining the country because of the beliefs that many of Americans have about the other race. Also, racism is especially bad because of the way that many of police are trained in their heads to think. 

The lives of Americans are greatly impacted because of people's beliefs. People's beliefs can impact anything. The way people talk, act and think. This leads to arguments, fights and even deaths. 

Racism in the minds of policemen can be very dangerous because of the way they might think of how different races. This affects innocent lives.For example, if you lived in a town where most of the crimes committed were by “colored” people, then you would automatically assume that if you were in a situation that you had protect yourself, you would think to get away from “colored” people.

Many other people believe that countries should just look past it the thought of racism because there is no way that they could fix it. Those people go to the thought of racism will always be there if there is violence. Also, something called racial profiling, targeting individuals on suspicion of crime due to their race, is ruining lives of innocent victims.

In conclusion, racism is ruining the country and also ruining the lives of innocent victims that have went through police brutality. Keep everybody equal and do not judge because of their race. Anybody can help, it's just a matter of if you are going to help.

Thanks for taking your time to read,


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Zhebel - English 8

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