Nakia G. Mississippi

Police Brutality

Police Brutality toward black men is becoming more of a problem each and every day . We can't continue to allow these officers who swore to protect us to kill us off. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE !!!

Dear Future President,

           Over the past few years there have been an increasingly number of black men being shot and killed by policemen. In most of these cases it is said that the men have been unarmed but for some reason are still seen as a threat. Like Philando Castile , he was shot and killed by a white police officer in front of his girlfriend and daughter. I believe as the president you should upgrade body cameras, make stricter police laws, and send special services to investigate when tragic events like these occur. 

            Having a new and improved body camera can decrease false statements from both the officer and suspect. On the writer said " obtain the highest reliability in recording with superior performance and clarity necessary for high-quality evidentiary video". This quote shows that if the police department issue some high quality body cameras then that would keep down a lot of confusion. Not having these body cameras will only cause more problems due to the fact that it would be the suspects word against the police officers word and 9x out of 10 the suspect would be the one in the wrong.

             Stricter laws will allow other policemen to see that taking someones life for no reason is serious business and will not be tolerated. Just like a jury we would have a specific commitee of people who would evaluate the case. After that the commitee would sugguest to the judge what they think the proper punishment is. If without a doubt an officer has taken someones life for no reason I believe it should be automatic LIFE in prison ! On the writer said " The ritual of an unnecessary police killing with no real accountability has become painfully familiar". This quote shows that since there has been so man unjust police killings thishas become a normal thing and it shouldnt be this way.

               Sending special forces to investigate these cases will keep down the confusion of a department being bias toward the officer.  Everyone knows that there's a pretty good chance that what ever department that officer has worked for is probably going to have his back 100%. So with that being said we should have a special force team investgating the case so that the proper evidence is revealed and the officer may recieve the proper punishment for his or her actions.

               Im not expecting these request to fix police brutality completely but by putting those three requests into play we will have come a step closer to ending police brutality. As a member of a black community , I feel that it is only right to speak upon this subject. If we continue to allow these policemen to kill our men , they will. If we retaliate , then a riot breaks out and even more white policemen with guns and bullet proof vests come out only to kill more black people and injure others. We have to come together and find a solution to the problem so that we may rise from these dark moments and overcome the fear of losing our lives to a police officer in which we thought would protect us.

Aberdeen High School

English III Aberdeen

English III Aberdeen

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