Ahkia T. Mississippi


Racism, why?

Dear Future President,

A growing problem that concerns me, and that should be addressed is racism. Racism has always been a part of the U.S, but some of the citizens are just now noticing it, in the forms of inequality, prejudice and police brutality. Recent examples that have caught much of the nation’s attention are the murders of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling. There needs to be consequences for those who don’t follow our nation’s rules, something that prevents most of these police brutality cases from happening.

Another problem in this country is homelessness. I believe more foundations should be started by those who make millions and billions. People giving to the poor needs to be a number one priority. Giving back to the community should come before building new skyscrapers, and finding new technological advances. The wellbeing of the people always needs to be valued.

Helping fix these issues will be the first step to making the country better, and giving us Americans and a better reputation.