Andrew V. Wisconsin

Terrorism/ Police Brutality in The U.S.

A lot of problems around the U.S. have been occuring witch include a lot of violence and terrorism. I believe we can still make a change and try to stop it or atleast reduce the incidents that have been going on lately.

         Many incidents have been spreading around the news about these new problems that we are facing and not much of a change is occuring. According to, more than 150,000 terrorism problems have happened because of the unsafety that the U.S. has had over the years such as the Black Lives Matter incidents and the contoversies people have spreaded acrossed the U.S, in violent ways. I believe that our new president should think about a change in this because it's not slowing down nearly as fast as it should.

         Many deaths and violence are now rising because of these issues in our world. According to, 80% of people's concerns are now from terrorism because of the rapid increase in these issues people feel they have to do something about; safely or unsafely nomatter the cause. for my understanding, the citizens who have explained that the problems they are having on their concerns of the most stressed issues is that because they want to get across the fact that we feel unsafe with these problems and that we want our next president to do something about it.

        According to , many black people feel as if they are the ones who are targeted by the police from these incidents because of the fact that on the news, most of these police brutality incidents have had African- Americans presented on this problem because of the fact that they only show one side. The news doesn't always get to the full story and likes to cut some stuff out because every source is always going to be biast according to . I think that from now on everyone should be able to hear both sides of every story as long as it doesn't give people classified information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I think that the newly elected president should try and do something about this because it keeps happening. Our president should enforce giving help to the people who can't stop getting involved with these crimes because most of the police brutality and terrorism incidents just keep on happening over and over because some people don't know better or they take it out on others from a drawback or incident that happened to someone they know or who is in their family. This Is what I believe our next president should do.