Adonay H. Massachusetts


Immigrants in America

Dear Mr./ Mrs. President,

 My name is Adonay and I have sent you this letter in order to bring the problem of immigration to your attention.   Immigration has affected some of my community. I have witnessed some illegal immigrants in my day to day. Based on what I have seen, illegal immigrants  seem to be nice people.  They do struggle a lot because they have limited job opportunities  and they also don't get social service benefits like unemployment, food stamps, welfare and the list goes on and on.  

This has become a very pressing matter not only in my community but around America. Some people do not want to have immigration because they  think that they are taking American citizens jobs, while others believe that is not the case. I believe that immigrants are a necessity to America and those who say that they take American jobs are not thinking logically because they work menial jobs like landscaping, cleaning of some sort, etc.  I think due to the work of President Obama who has deported more immigrants than Clinton and Bush, the right course of action at this point is to even out the number of immigrants since Obama clearly disrupted the number of immigrants. This should be important to the president because not only does the immigrant population effect the economy but it also affects the population of people throughout the country.