justeven c. Massachusetts

Birthright citizenship


Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

My name is Justeven Garcia and my topic is birthright citizenship. This topic has affected me in a way because I was not born in the United States therefore I were not granted citizenship at birth. I'm currently going through my naturalization process even after my fifth year in the United States and I still don't have the right to vote because I'm not a citizen yet. I believe that there are some things that are supposed to be changed about birthright citizenship. I believe that a part of the law of soil should be changed so if two adults who are not citizens come to the United States to have a baby than that baby should not be able to become a citizen because none of his/her parents are citizens.

 However, if one parent is an immigrant but the other parent is a US citizen  or if both parents are citizens  then the child should become a US citizen.  Otherwise the child would have to be naturalized. I do not agree that  a child born on US soil should become a citizen just by being born on US soil.  There should be restrictions. This should be something important for the next president to focus on because this could discourage illegal immigrants to come and have babies and have a change in the illegal immigration rate.