Emely A. Georgia

Immigrants have rights too

Immigrants should be able to stay in the US if they meet certain requirements.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

Shouldn’t everyone be given the chance to live the American dream? We are the great melting pot after all. Sadly some people aren’t given that chance. Immigrants are being torn from their homes left and right. We need to find a way to give all immigrants an opportunity to stay.

Imagine being torn away from your home, after many years of building a stable foundation for you and your family. Most immigrants came here for a good reason. Some might’ve just wanted a better future for themselves or their children. Maybe the place they came from had a corrupt government, bad drug issues, or they just didn’t want to live in poverty anymore. Over 11 million unauthorized immigrants are in the US. According to numbersusa.org there are about 8.3 million illegal workers. Many of these illegal workers work in construction. Although it many decrease lots of jobs for Americans, it provides a good job for these immigrants. Without immigrants we would have a huge loss in many jobs. That’s one of the many reasons why immigrants should be able to stay. Immigrants shouldn’t leave if they have a reason to stay.

Instead of completely getting rid of all immigrants in the US, we could give them a chance. However, they should only be able to stay if they meet certain standards. A very important thing should be checked is their background. An extensive background check would make sure they haven’t been convicted of any felonies such as, violent crimes and drug abuse. Not only should they get a background check here but also from the place they came from. Nobody wants a murder in their neighborhood. If their background is clean, the next thing is to make sure they have a stable living environment and job. If both things comeback good, the last step is to make them pay a fine for being here illegally. After paying the fine immigrants should be able to apply to get their papers.

Everyone deserves to live a good life without having to worry about being torn away from their family. Immigrants are just like everyone else. They don’t cause harm to anyone and deserve the chance to live a good life.


Emely A.