Braden K. Louisiana

Is Immigration Good?

Immigrants are what make up our country. Why Make a wall to block them?

Dear Future President,

All of our ancestors were immigrants. Immigration is important because it makes up the all people in our country. All people in America came from immigration and it is important that you solve problems.

When taking office as president, it is very important to respond to the problems on immigration because terrorists are coming through our borders. As said at immigration, “”In 2014, around 47 percent of immigrants (20 million) were naturalized U.S. citizens. The remaining 53 percent (22.4 million) included lawful permanent residents...).” This means that over half of the United States’ immigrants are illegal, however, they are being made legal Many people believe that there are ISIS terrorists sneaking through the southern border. Secondly, as said in, “...but, we’ve gone into reverse on immigration and are sending [jobs] out…” This means we need immigration to keep up the population for a succesful economy. Jobs are important because this is how we make money to buy things and support our economy. This leads to “...Immigration is good…” as said in http://www.institutional This means immigration is good because it keeps our economy good and running, however, illegal immigrants don't pay taxes and that's not fair to the hard working legal citizens who pay taxes.

Once more, Mr./ Mrs. President, please establish a stronger border to protect our country. Even though I am too young to vote, I understand that the border is very important. I believe that terrorists are coming through. If we increase our border protection, terrorists will have much harder of a chance getting in which leads to a stronger social security.


Braden K. 

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