Maci C. Texas

Illegal Immigration

Immigration is causing a lot of problems for our country.

Dear Future President,

Imagine a place where terrorists are everywhere, people are dying every single day. The terrorists are mostly just Mexicans jumping the fence and becoming illegal immigrants. The population of illegal immigrants is going up every year. “More than 6,000 illegal immigrants have come over in 2010.” This needs to stop! We need to stop illegal immigrants from crossing our border and entering the US whenever they want. We need to build a better wall. We need to stop them from taking our jobs. And we also need to stop them from taking our identity.

Our wall right now is unstable, which means it's time to build a new wall. Right now, immigrants from Mexico can just hop the fence and be in America. There is no police control at all, so people can walk in and out freely. That is not good, and our fence needs an upgrade. Instead of a wire fence, we need a brick wall with a lot more police patrolling it, that way people can't just enter anytime, any day.

Illegal immigrants are taking our jobs away from us. They are taking the well paying jobs. The worst part about them taking our jobs is that they send the money that they make back to their home country. Which does not support the US economy at all. “One recent estimate by researchers at the Pew Hispanic Center puts the number of illegal aliens in the workforce at 8 million out of an overall population of 11.2 million illegal aliens, i.e., 71.4 percent.” There are a lot of illegal immigrants that our taking american jobs.

Illegal immigrants come to our country and take american identity and try to make it their own. Many people now have their personal credit card, debit card, or social security number hacked. Most of those people that are getting that information are illegal immigrants. They are using those identities to buy stuff and then go back to their home country. They also use fake social security to get credit and false tax returns. “Then, late last year, Segall identified another incredible scenario: even though the IRS is able to easily identify undocumented workers who are using fake Social Security numbers, the agency chooses to look the other way – even when a valid Social Security number belonging to an American citizen is used to file a tax return and wreaks havoc on his or her life.”

These are important reasons why we need to stop illegal immigrants from crossing our border. We need to build a better wall to keep them out. And stop them from causing problems in our economy and society. We need to stop them from taking our jobs and stealing our identity.


Maci Currin

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