Imani W. Pennsylvania

Open Ourselves to the World

Allowing immigrants to come to the U.S without so many complications

Dear Next President of the U.S.,

I first want to congratulate and welcome you to office. I’m looking forward to your works and ideas for our country. I just want to touch on a topic that is important to me; Immigration. I think you should open the United States to The World, meaning make immigration a bit easier for immigrants who deserve to be here or at least make it a little less complicated for them to immigrate over here. The country will benefit from an international immigration policy that allows immigrants to legally enter the US, this will promote cultural diversity, increase multicultural sensitivity and advance economic development.

Before allowing immigrants to just enter the U.S there should be a number of regulations and significant amount of screenings completed. Background checks should be on top of our to priority list when considering allowing immigrants to enter the country. I think the citizenship test isn’t as necessary then people make them. A few important questions should be asked but not an overwhelming number, also no one’s children or family should be left behind and education systems should be available for these immigrants who are trying to secure employment and provide for their families. They would be helping us, so to return the favor there should be multiple resources. Also we have to make sure that residents that already live here in America have good jobs for them to pay their taxes, bills, etc. before accepting new people in this country. We have to make sure our people are good before inviting others in so we can work together, build business, learn from each other etc. There are limited jobs that Americans who already live in the U.S don’t have so I think there should be more resources to provide for our people who aren’t immigrants before we can allow others in the U.S.

Cultural diversity should play a huge part in America. Without different ethnic groups in a environment, people wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn new skills, pick up on new resources and languages. Allowing immigrants to immigrate to the U.S really can benefit social aspects of America and expand diversity in the country. As humans we tend to learn from each other so this would be a good opportunity for all of us to learn from one another. This will lead to multicultural sensitivity. Basically, this will promote a mutual respect for differences and and a greater appreciation for different cultures. Immigrants clearly have different lifestyles than people who live in this country however; history teaches us that all Americans have roots in other countries and that is what makes the country great. Immigration standards and policies will also send the message that this country respects diversity. People with different backgrounds and cultures will also lead to different types of business and consumers. This will ultimately lead to economic advancement.

With immigrants coming here will also allow the government to have more money ( it will be a economic advancement). With the skills that immigrants have they will be able to do business with other countries (international trade). The fact that immigrants come from all over the world, the U.S will have a better understanding what other countries like to purchase and this will help with promoting international trade. Also, people who come here can create their own businesses here in the country because they have skills and goods they may want to sell which will allow them to pay taxes to the government.

This doesn't mean I think we should just allow everyone to enter this country, but the people who deserve to be here and that will work hard for their American Dream and that will benefit our country in so many positive ways. Cultural diversity, increase of multicultural sensitivity and advanced economic development are ways that immigrants can help benefit our country.

Yours Truly,


Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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