Zach M. Michigan

Illegal Immigration

Zach M. Dear Mr.Trump Not all illegal immigrants are bad, but neither are all people in a jail cell right now. Some are murderers and rapists, and some are just innocent people that are classified in the wrong group. We don’t open up jail cells and let dangerous people in, why would we be so dumb and do it with countries that are in war and dangerous. We don’t even know half of the people coming into our country, yet still let them in. This is because we don’t want to hurt some people's feelings, but the situation is serious and getting people killed. In just the past 2 years there has been 240 murder attempts in Germany ( Refugees aren’t the only thing I’m worried about some illegal immigrants are threat to this country and here is why. Today in the United States there is about 11million illegal immigrants that come from mexico. statistically 75% that come here bring crime either it be drugs, murder, or rape. 20% come and get jobs but send all the money they make to their families in Mexico this is bad because instead of the money being spent here in our country and improving our economy they spend it in Mexico ultimately kills our economy. The last 5% are good people who don’t want to go through the easy process that almost cost nothing to become a legal american citizen. This country has always been know as a country with a great national security. In the past 30 years we have lost that reputation and respect that we once used to hold. I say this because we used to have a strong border that was funded by the government now our border receives almost zero funding from the federal government. Now most of the funding comes from state governments like Texas and Arizona. This makes it easy for the illegal aliens to cross the rio grande into the United states without getting caught. Two solutions to this issue could be put at a tax on all the money that these illegals send back to Mexico and give it to our border security or let’s stop some funding that we should not be funding and fund our border. Finally Mr.President please build facilities that we can hold these illegals in. At a public hearing in Texas about illegal immigration an active border patrol agent stated that “There have been multiple circumstances where I have caught a whole family of illegals around 8 and 9 people and I have not been able to take them into the deporting because we have no room.¨ This is a serious problem because he can´t be the only agent that has had this type of scenario happen when patrolling the rio grande. If we implement this it should have a huge effect on how many illegals are getting into the country daily. Now that you have read this letter I hope you are ready to take action and use these solutions to fix both of these issues


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