Alexa L. Pennsylvania

This Will Make a Peaceful World

This talks about immigration and police brutality

Dear President,

I am writing this letter to bring up a topic that is talked about a lot. I am talking about immigration and how it is handled. I think that over the years we have not handled immigration in the best of ways. We have let in our country over 74,000,000 people since 1820, and they have helped our economy and many take this for granted. We don’t take into consideration all of the different businesses that were opened by immigrants. In the debates there was a lot of talk about immigrants taking our jobs, but many are actually making jobs for themselves and making their life successful. America was attracting many immigrants in the 1800s because we had booming factories, abundant farmland,and boundless opportunities. These same opportunities are also available for immigrants today. So if we have boundless opportunities, why aren’t we letting immigrants and others in different countries experience these opportunities?

What America should do is help other counties with their problems instead of complaining about how we are having an overflow of immigrants. We should make it so immigrants don’t even need to come to America because we are helping them make opportunities in their own homes. With this assistance, we will have a decrease of people coming into America. We could start off by helping our ally countries and then try and convince them to also help other countries. If we all team together we can combine our money to slowly fix the places that are struggling. We can do this with the combination of the different countries money. In the past and even now many immigrants don’t go back to their home after they get their diploma in America. With our help to make their countries better they would want to go back home.

You maybe wondering “there are still so many issues in America, shouldn’t we worry about us first?” Well, with this policy we won't have as many immigrants coming into America. So this means there will be less people in America to worry about. With this advantage we will be able to focus in on the problems in America. Also, with our money being combined with our allies they could also help us out, just like we helped them. Imagine how much more peaceful the world would be if we just became allies and started changing the world one country at a time. This is a dream I have, and a goal I hope you would have. Let’s let go of our past immigration laws that weren’t the best and move forward to a new and improved plan.

Another thing I think you should be aware of is we need to gain more equality towards all people no matter the race, gender or where they come from. There is definitely an issue with people in America not being equal, this is showed in the way different races and genders are paid differently. You could first start off by making sure this isn’t a problem and everyone is paid equal. Another problem is the red lining in the world because some parts of America are more white than others. Making sure there isn’t this segregation would be a good thing. Also the problem with police brutality needs to be a definitely fixed. This should honestly be one of the first things you worry about being in office. A way you could fix this problem is by putting the police back into training. Also making sure that in this training they learn when to use their gun.

I hope you take this letter into consideration. I know with the changes of the immigration policies and the issues with police brutality being solved, not only America, but the world will be more peaceful. Thank you for taking your time reading this letter and thank you for all the work you are doing in the office.


Alexa Lahr

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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