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My letter is about all the solutions that have come up to solve the immigration problem but in this letter I addressed how you can't use just one of the solutions but must combine them all to make an effective way to solve the problem.

Dear Future President,

For a couple of years now immigration has dramatically increased causing many problems in America. There also has been a problem with many undocumented immigrants entering the country and there has been many solutions to these problems but not just one of the immigration solutions can work by themselves. I believe we must combine them to actually a good solution.

We already know that open borders would be the worst idea of of them all because that would cause complete catastrophe. Open Borders would help in increasing the unemployment rate. It would also make it much harder to have population control. Another thing we must keep in mind with open borders is the fact that it will drastically increase taxes because of the amount of health care that will have to be used. Hospitals will become more chaotic and put mostly put the society more in debt and create an imbalance in the economy. Even though I said a lot of bad things that will come through from open borders, we must also the greatest thing that oversees all of the bad. That these people who are fleeing from their countries will be away from war and un afraid to express their religion which is a great thing .

Another type of solution people have discussed which is the opposite of open borders is heavy restriction to the borders. We already have restrictions in place but still many undocumented immigrants enter the country that caused a lot of the issues I stated in the first paragraph. I think that putting some more restrictions on the border would not be as a bad thing just so the U.S can get some control on the undocumented and vast immigration population but if we do restrict the borders everyone should have an equal opportunity to get in. When I say this I mean if I’m from Saudi Arabia and you’re from England, if the borders are restricted means you should not give one person more of advantage over the other because where there from. If you restrict the borders, restrict the borders across the board.

The U.S has also talked about helping other countries with problems so they wouldn’t have to come over to America. Whatever that means from supplying health care to giving economic advice. Working with other countries to help settle conflict but there are many reasons why both this could be help and be a complete disaster. Helping other countries help settle their conflict and help them with the economic issues seems very great. People would be able to live in their country with enough for them and their families without fear but as good as that sounds it’s not nearly realistic. We can barely get our issues under control to be able to help another country. America has a lot of it’s own economic problems that we should be trying to solve and help and focusing on other countries problems just doesn't seem like the most intelligent thing to do. We have to come up with solutions that we can actively use before trying to actively save other countries.

Moving on, the U.S has also talked about just admitting the talent we need and giving scholarships to people who have studied and want to study further into their career. Just like helping other countries it seems like a great idea but this idea just isn’t the most intelligent.We have many intelligent Americans that are in deep debt because of college and a lot of high school graduates that need scholarships to pursue their dreams. So bringing in immigrants and giving them scholarships and putting them in high paying jobs instead of using the people you already you have in America isn’t in the most intelligent idea. Another idea would set aside certain scholarships for immigrants but make sure you are matching those scholarships and creating more for Americans that can not afford college and school. The good thing is that this could give many immigrants a better job and opportunity but it will exclude those who don’t have the experience and need to flee from their countries because of the horrible state.

I went through all of the different solutions that been brought up in the past to help solve the problem of immigration and undocumented immigrants to say that there is not one simple right answer. You must combine these ideas to make the overall one the most effective. Restrict the borders to make it harder for undocumented immigrants to come in. Open borders in the sense that everyone is getting an equal opportunity to get into the country. Helping countries with what we can that won’t create our own economic downfall and not just saying you need our help because your country is bad but being open to the idea that this country could tell us about ourselves have a good insight in what we need to do to help our own. Last but not least creating opportunities for immigrants so they don’t to come in illegally and use sneaky ways to get jobs but creating those jobs for both Immigrants and Americans so they can intermingle. When creating the laws for immigration we must keep in mind that we were all immigrants once and there is no set in stone definition of an American. We are all different which makes us American.

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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