Andrew Michigan

Death to Pokemon Go

This letter is about the dangers of Pokemon Go and why it should be ended

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

I think that kids and adults are way to overly obsessed with game, Pokemon Go that somehow happened to take over the gaming world along with the real world. I myself have witnessed multiple people walk into a lamppost because they were staring at their phone while playing this ridiculous game. I believe that Pokemon Go should be ended

According to Fox News people have been putting themselves into dangerous situations playing while Pokemon Go,like wandering into caves searching for creatures that I donโ€™t know the names of.

According to Fox News a man walked into an Indonesian military base while playing a serious gaming round. That put him into a dangerous situation.

I think that possible solutions to this would be to either try to end Pokemon Go, or make the designer/owner of the game make it so that the game has to show you where you are going. I think that Pokemon Go should be ended.

Please consider all of my evidence and suggestions.