Drew Michigan

Animal Abuse

An animal should not be abused so next president please HELP.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President

I hope that animal abuse will stop immediately. Here is one reason animal abuse should stop now.I think animal abuse should stop now because animals can be whipped and thrown in to roads to be ran over.Also if animal abuse does not stop I will be so very mad because ⅓ animals will die from animal abuse.Then you should visit the humane society or

Humane society

The next president should check background history of people trying to purchase animals because if they don't they don't know if they have already had an incident with animal abuse. Also if animals are getting abused by people I think they should get lifetime jail time. Also if animals are getting abused by making them eat too much that should be a lifetime jail bond and it should cost $ 100,000,000 to be bailed from jail...ASPCA/animal-cruelty said that animals want to get out and run away because they don't want to be abused.

Then letter to the next president said that some animals are thrown of bridges and even taped to walls and are left at abandoned homes.Also there are some animals that are abused just to be mean. Also animals that are abused should not be in that house so that's why we have animal rescues and animal rescue teams all around the world even in china and japan.Then some animals are beaten so bad that they have to go into the emergency room to get stitches and even cast or braces.

Then WI humane said that some animals will die right at the incident.Also if they do that is very sad.Then animals that are beaten are set outside to run away in the winter so they freeze if they do you might see them in the road frozen.If you are an animal abuser please stop now while you can!