Daniela M. Massachusetts

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy will help save our planet. Make sure the human race has a future.

Dear Future President,

My name is Daniela, and I am an 8th grade student at Meridian Academy, in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. I would like to address the issue of renewable energy. I care about renewable energy, because the energy we use affects our environment and the future of our earth. When fossil fuels are burned they negatively impact our environment. Carbon dioxide and other gasses are released, which create a kind of coating around the earth, trapping heat in the atmosphere. 

Some solutions include increasing the use of solar panels. Solar panels take the sun's rays and turn them into energy. Another alternative to fossil fuels are windmills. Windmills use the speed of the wind to create energy. One way you could help the environment is promoting these two options. By including them in policy speeches, the American people and the Congress will understand that renewable energy is a priority. We need to save the future of our earth. 

I strongly believe that this is an important and urgent topic, and I think you could, and should, make a difference.


Daniela M.