Scarlett E. Massachusetts

Abortion Rights

Abortion Rights

Dear Future President,

My name is Scarlett E. I go to Meridian Academy, and I am in 8th grade. Yes, I am a female, and I absolutely believe that every female should have a choice to have an abortion. I hope I can open your mind about this subject. While this is a sensitive topic, it is my hope that you will do your best to ensure the freedom and right of women to choose.

I believe that every woman should choose the fate of their own baby. Considering the fact that people say this is a free country, shouldn't we make our own decisions about our children? Every family has their own personal crisis, and abortion is certainly a personal crisis. People have varied opinions on abortion, but no one wants abortions to happen. We should all work to help women not be in the position to make this painful decision. However, she should have the right to make it.

Many American women feel strongly about this issue. I think women should decide if this country will be pro-life or pro-choice. You, as a president, can appoint Supreme Court members that will uphold Roe Vs. Wade. Please consider what women have to go through in this country. Of course, some Americans will respect your decisions and others might not. This country is changing in different ways, but hopefully for the better. Hopefully, women's rights will ultimately be respected in this country.

Sincerely your fellow American,

Scarlett E.