Derek D. Minnesota

Presidential Letter

Dear Donald Trump, How's it going? Congrats on the win in this election, and I think it's really a huge accomplishment taking down Hillary when she was such a favorite. I just wanted to talk with you about the growing problem of pollution in Minnesota. Our roads are getting hammered with all sorts of trash whether it be garbage, parts of vehicles, or even dead animals. If you could introduce some sort of program that would clean up the streets and make it a cleaner environment, I think that would be extremely beneficial. The pollution also is very danger for those operating the vehicles because big enough pollution can injure a person if their car comes in contact. The view of thing also comes in to play because when I'm driving on the street and am constantly seeing trash and pollution, it's not a pleasant sight to look at. The wildlife also is damaged from pollution because they are living in those areas and we are throwing garbage into their homes. Some sort of prevention program or higher punishments for pollution would do the trick and I believe that your input could be a huge difference maker for the state of Minnesota.