Robert h. Massachusetts

Next presidential candidates!!

I focus on what we need a president to be like.

       Dear presidential candidates in the 2016 election, 

I am a high school student named Robert Hood. I go to Community Academy of Science and Health in Boston MA,and I'm a junior. I think that you need to focus more on the debt America has at the moment. We can use someone who know how to handle money and not bankrupt America to the point where we have to depend on war to earn even a bit of our currency back.  We need a person that can't be controlled or pressured into war by other countries or be pushed into a corner and have our resources taken away from us. We need someone that is not afraid of war, but will always find a way to negotiate peace. 

      The next president and all future presidents need to be fearless, careful, and determined or people will not like them and they may not do a good job. They need to focus on the economy and make sure there are future plans set up to protect our environment. We can also use extra funds for the educational system, but we wont have the money for that without raising taxes because we are in a serious debt with someone we don't even know about, but maybe we can get out of that too.