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All police officers should be wearing body cameras when on patrol.

“The fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a cop in Charlotte has once again sparked outrage about police officers' treatment of black men when looking for suspects.”

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

“The Department of Justice is launching a $20 million pilot program funding body cameras for police officers in the wake of renewed protests over police treatment”, says Alexandra Jaffe. With 20 million dollars to spend on an item you would think it is important, which these cameras are. There have been many times where a police officer has taken a life of an innocent person based on how they looked. The race and clothing of an individual isn’t supposed to get them killed. Many innocent young men and women have fallen victim to racist police officers solely because they were minorities. Most importantly, with these cameras, we could catch the person who was committing the crime because we would get a visual image of their face. With a picture of the suspects face, the search for him/her will be much easier and the more serious crimes could have video evidence to make sure that the suspect gets the full punishment.

“The fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a cop in Charlotte has once again sparked outrage about police officers' treatment of black men when looking for suspects”, exclaims Paul R. La Monica. What La Monica is saying here is that racial profiling is not an issue amongst police forces in our country, but is coming back. No matter what a person looks like we are all equal. Even though some people are more wealth than others and have a better life, everyone on this planet is an equal. Also, what features these cameras will have are: directional audio, pre-event recording, one-touch recording, external camera port, rechargeable battery, 32GB of internal storage, push-to-Talk radio interface, 1080p, 720p, or 480p video resolution, and dust resistant and water resistant. These feature will make it so the people that are watching the cameras from “home” will be able to see every move they commit.

“The Minneapolis Police Department has completed the introduction of body cameras in all five of its precincts. Officers in all five Minneapolis Police precincts who respond to 911 calls will be wearing body cameras. The body camera program started in July in the 1st Precinct, the cameras are being used across the country to help improve interactions between police officers and residents”, proclaims Ashley Cole. The police force that we have in the present day plays a vital role in keeping the world safe from the people who can’t tell right from wrong. Also, the next president should care because every officer that is possibly a racist and shoots a innocent person based on how they look our way of living could be in danger. It could save lives because every time any of these police officers was in a situation where race came into play it could turn out worse than if he was wearing a camera. Finally, the deaths caused by police officers shooting innocent people and times where police officers got shot from behind or infront of them without any evidence would be changed because of these new cameras. They would save lives.

Baker ELA


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