Hai L. New York


This letter's about how humanity can farm outer space minerals as a benefit for our future generation.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

     Even though I'm turning 18 this January and couldn't vote because the election is before my birthday, I'm also a senior this year going to college. I'm in Participation in Government class learning about our government and issues they face everyday. I have several concerns about America's natural resources and our planet in general. 

     First, everyone's fighting over the price of gas and other energy that Americans need everyday life, and the natural gases that we extract from mother nature is harming our environment. I live in New York and I noticed that every year, the weather is getting more and more bipolar; Every winter, it's getting colder and every summer, it's getting extremely hot. My neighbors are having trouble with shoveling snow and every summer everyone's staying indoors with AC turned on killing energy. Not many Americans can really enjoy life with a terrible environment. With the environment getting worse every year, some companies that relies on the weather and environment can go out of business and cause many other ripple effects for our economy. 

     There are many valuable resources in the hundreds of millions of rocks floating around out corner of the galaxy. Asteroids. in particular, contains cobalt and a lot of platinum. Which is rare on earth and yet is used in a wide range of goods, including catalytic converters, electronics and medical devices. A large amount of Americans uses electronics and technologies where people starting to use cheap minerals to replicate products. One event that occurred recently was the new Samsung phone where it explodes because they're using a lithium-ion batteries. This caused many lives and property damage. Also, outer space resources contains abundance of water. In other words, there's infinite amount of resources outer space where we "humans" can collect to decrease the amount of pollution on our own planet. 

In this letter, I request that Mr. or Madam President will acknowledge my idea or even consider on investing in science and technologies where we "human" can further develop our understanding of life and take the next step into the future. By collecting resources from other space, humanity's taking another step forward into the future and improving our very first home planet "Earth". 


Hai Lin

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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