Brittany Iowa

Legalize Marijuana

Let it be legalized for its many positive effects on our psychological wellbeing.

Dear President,

“It’s the gateway drug. Beware!” That’s what everyone warns you when you start talking about marijuana, but in reality they are far from correct. Marijuana is a very controversial topic. My name is Brittany Wiskus. I live in Coon Rapids, Iowa. There are many opinions about marijuana but few people know the actual facts. I am very passionate about this topic.Marijuana has no reason not to be legalized.

It has had a major impact on my family life and needs to be understood completely. A family member has had to move away. My family frowns upon it only because of it being illegal. Marijuana is a mild hallucinogen that has no similarities to narcotics. It is not addictive and there are no withdrawal symptoms, so if you decide to start then you can easily quit. When using marijuana it enhances self worth and increases sociability. Many people suffer from anxiety, insecurities and depression. Marijuana causes alterations in mood which include giggling, hilarity, and euphoria. These tend to have positive effects in social experiences, because you are happier. Some people only use it to be happier in life. It has never been involved in major crimes. You get more affected from alcohol and it is far more deleterious than marijuana. Marijuana has been used for victims of glaucoma and has been investigated as a pain reliever for patients suffering from neuropathic pain, cancer, and other conditions.

I believe it should be legalized to everyone, because it has many positive effects on our psychological well-being. The simple law tears families apart and yet the government has no solid foundation on why it should be illegal. It should be legalized to everyone for its many helpful purposes.


Brittany Wiskus